vr 04.03.2016


Let op : deze show vindt plaats in Willemeen


“I’ve worked eighteen months to write this album, it was a lot more difficult than the previous one since I wanted to push all the limits further, break all boundaries and deliver something as bestial as hell,” is how Vlad, vocalist/guitarist of French death metal commando NECROWRETCH summarizes his intentions for the band’s second full-length after gaining quite some attention worldwide for “Putrid Death Sorcery” (2013) and the demo/EP/rarities comp “Bestial Rites 2009 – 2012”. Preceded by the meanwhile sold-out “Even Death May Die” 7inch in October 2014, its title-track already hinted at NECROWRETCH’s more refined yet still utterly aggressive approach created with one, clearly defined artistic aim: “We’ve maybe drifted away from our pure death metal essence to make our own kind of unholy extreme metal.


In 2014, the satanic hate regiment has unleashed their first album title “Ad Infinitum Satanic Adherent”. This album comes with few pressing with different artwork, photos,format & bonus track exclusively.  Eastern Voice Production from Sarawak, Malaysia released the album consists of 9 destructive blistering tracks inclusive IMPIETY’s cover track from “Iblis Excelsi” Era strictly limited to 500 copies with 6 panel Digipack. First 123 copies come with an A3 poster & badge (Asian pressing). Dunkelheit Productions hailing from Germany released it with another artwork & bonus track exclusively & limited to 500 copies and first 100 comes with A2 heavy poster (European pressing). Apocalyptic Empire records from Norway unleashed the album on 12”LP format limited to 500 copies with different artwork as well a hidden track and first 100 are Gold vinyl. Rest are black vinyl.

Voor de echte metal-liefhebbers slaan Willemeen en Luxor Live de handen ineen. Met een Metal Combi-Ticket kan je voor maar 31 euro naar vier dikke shows! Lees meer en bestel.